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Why kicking and punching?

Why kicking
and punching?

9Round uses a beginner-friendly foundation of kickboxing to create a workout that works for any fitness level, from beginner to elite athlete. Nothing else out there feels as good as kicking and punching a bag. Give it a try and you’ll see. Where else do you get a chance to unleash your inner badass?

The 9Round difference

The 9Round difference

This is more than a workout.
It’s a way of life.

• Show up on your own schedule
• Participate in optional challenges
• Learn skills from your instructor
• Find your inner strength
• Feel a sense of pride in yourself
• Get inspired by the 9Round Nation
• See performance in real time

nutrition guidance

No math. No weird recipes. Just guidelines that keep you on track.

Build mental

Burn fat & build
lean muscle

Follow a customizable
meal plan

Support strength

Discover supplements
for muscle recovery

Amp up your

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We're not here to tell you how you should look. All we're asking is that you prioritize how you feel. You deserve to feel strong.

You deserve to have the power to fight back when stress comes knocking at your door. You deserve to have the energy you need to tackle your goals in and out of the studio.

Discover your personal best

9Round meets you where you are and pushes you to new heights. Whether you’re a triathlete, recovering from an injury, or anywhere in between, you belong here.

Powerful Moves, Big Results

Powerful Moves, Big Results

You’ll never be struggling on your own or trying to figure out complicated choreography.

9Round makes it easy to turn your brain off and turn your body on for 30 challenging minutes at a time.

Semi-Private Instruction

Semi-Private Instruction

No one expects you to walk in and know exactly what to do.

Even after you’ve been coming regularly for years, your instructor will be right there to correct your form, guide you through the workout and keep you motivated.

The flexibility you need

The flexibility you need

It’s easy to miss a scheduled class time. We get it. Life happens.

That’s why 9Round gives you the option to show up exactly when you’re ready to give your all.

Every workout signed by experts

Every workout is designed by experts

We believe in the power of consistency. Every kickboxing workout is put together by trained exercise science experts who create fitness programs that transform the whole body.

Take on the Challenge of the Week (CHOW) to see how you stack up against others at your studio and use 9Round PULSE® heart rate training to stay on track.

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